We Assist The Inventor

Universal “Worldwide” Licensing

Pre Patent Services

Are you interested in procuring a patent for your invention? If yes……

Before you spend thousands of dollars to obtain a patent, UL offers you an expert opinion as to the necessity of a patent for your invention.

  1. Initial consultation – discussing the patent and licensing procedures inventors will face and the best methods to proceed. Cost: free
  2. Initial invention review – discussing the specific invention and its marketing and licensing potential. Assist inventor in deciding whether to pursue a patent, proceed without a patent or reach the conclusion that the invention’s potential is not a satisfactory financial risk. Cost: $2500.00


Post Patent Services

Once inventor has secured a patent, UL offers services necessary to move the invention to the public marketplace – this can entail marketing, assisting with manufacturing, social media, networking, etc. Cost: varies per invention and inventor’s goals.

Licensing Services:

UL representatives will negotiate and attempt to reach a satisfactory licensing agreement with an interested licensee.

Cost: standard licensee fee is 20% of any royalties – no fee if no licensing agreement is obtained.

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